Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hello Los Angeles!

Twenty two visits from Los Angeles today to the blog. I'm not sure if that's 22 people who suddenly decided Writing it down fills in pieces of the puzzle is a prime example of a school project on how not to maintain a blog, or one person who reappeared 22 times.

If it's the latter, does your boss have an Irish office? I want to work there. Reading a blog all day instead of doing work seems like a plan to me.

Of course, I have no idea if you are in the middle of the day when I am having my breakfast or brushing your teeth for bed as I poke the canteen scrambled eggs experimentally with a spoon. Maybe you are a dreadfully insomnia-afflicted individual, seeking the means to put yourself to sleep. If you came back 22 times, I'm glad it hasn't worked. Maybe I'm doing something right after all.


Angharod said...

ROFL...can you tell when the rest of the Pacific pops in? Gee...I try to get in every day, but even I don't drop in that often, and I'm in the same time zone. I'll be pissed if you have a bigger fan. !!

Willie_W said...

I know you're my number one fan, Angh. Now put down that sledge-hammer and let me get back to the blogging, will ya? By the way, the ankle-shackle is starting to chaff a little. No chance of loosening it a bit? No? Didn't think so...