Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Turnover Toast, Part 2

This wonderful thing is a turnover loaf.

My friend Joyce read my blog post on not being able to find a picture of one online and about remembering what it was like to eat this bread as a kid. She then trundled into Meath Street, in Dublin, where she bought me a loaf. (She also mentioned gurcake, but that is an entirely different story).

You may use your imagination as to what kind of evening I am about to have, but rest assured it will include bread, butter, and a fruit preserve of my choice.

As there are no photos of turnovers to be had on the Internet, please feel free to use this one in all your bread photo albums.


You don't have bread photo albums?

How strange.


Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoyed your turnover as much as I enjoyed mine. God, you brought me back a day or two. I had mine spread with real butter and strawberry jam. Yummy!!!! Joyce

Anonymous said...

The pic had me drooling.......I can still taste the hot bread with butter and jam plastered the bread. MMMMMMM. Joan

Willie_W said...

You know, Herself sat watching me make like Hannibal Lector on the bread last night and says:

"I never really like that type of bread..."

I nearly choked. But only momentarily.

I'm eating another slice, so I'd better stop typing...

Sinead said...

I only just looked at the picture now, but that was a serious loaf of bread. Death by dough!!

Willie_W said...

Well, it is one of the medium sized ones, so the picture might have exagerated the size a bit. It certainly did the job, in any event.

I'm told there are hefty ones in Superquinn to which I shall shortly be turning my attention.

What's of left of the loaf is now crumbly and fit only for toasting. The hardship of it all! Turnover.... toasted....

Oooh, Momma...!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a recipe for turnover bread