Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cranes endangered species in Tallaght

Cranes are being replaced by elegant buildings in Tallaght as more and more of the construction work around The Square reaches that sudden stage of near-completion. Stuck in a traffic jam that wound its way around Belgard Square this evening, I admired the new shop fronts and the even newer, uncompleted units that gape out from under the apartments, their unfinished ground-floors filled with white dust and oddments of builder's rubble. The hoardings are now gone and the most minimal of fences keep the public out. Gangs of second fixers march about, shouldering cable reels and pneumatic drills. Heavy construction machinery is being supplanted by fork-lifters, shopfitters, glaziers peering out through new spans of modern glass. It's great. Come on the future! I love it!

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