Thursday, October 19, 2006

Keep your 5c if it means that much to you. Fucker.

I'm not one to say it, because I know what they have to endure from bastard members of the public, but "Bastard busmen!" anyway!

A Chinese woman hopped on ahead of me on the bus this evening, paid her fare, took her ticket and sat down.

I popped my exact-change 90c into the machine, took quite an outsized ticket to the accompaniment of what I thought for a moment was an odd look from the driver and started climbing the stairs. Whereupon the bus took off at a terrific pace into a 90 degree turn in the carpark of The Square, causing me to crunk over on the outer edge of my left foot just as I reached the upper deck. I've a fairly niggling sprain, I think, along the outer left foot.

Of course, the reason was soon apparent when I sat down and looked at the ticket. There was a 5c change ticket attached that the driver obviously felt was his tip. Bastard. My foot hurts.


Anonymous said...

Opps !!!

Willie_W said...

Got on the bus this evening. Made sure I was half way through the crowd this time, so the bus wouldn't be pulling out too soon. Different drivber, but same thing as before. This time I tore off the change ticket and slapped in into the driver's compartment, turned away and hobbled up the stairs.

Anonymous said...

Tee Hee

Anonymous said...

Talk of bus drivers ! My car went in for it's yearly MOT check last month. I had to leave it with the bloke and get a bus into town. It is only a ten minute walk from town to my house. I boarded the bus behind two other people. "Town center" I told the woman bus driver. "Well" ? she said to me. "Town center" I repeated. She looked at me with eyes half shut. "What do you want" she asked me. I was as puzzled as hell. "I don't know what you mean" says I slightly embarrased. "Do you want a single, a return or a weekly ticket" ? she gloatingly said aloud as the people in the back seats could hear for sure. "A single" says I, "I don't know the terms of the bill of fare on the bus's, I usually drive a car". "HUMPH" was her reply. I snatched the ticket and sat down. Five minutes later we were in Town. All the lick ass people alighting from the bus all said "Thank you" to the driver. I had rehearsed what I was going to say to her but changed my mind at the last minute. Grrr I should have said SOMETHING. Joan