Saturday, October 28, 2006

George Best £5 Note for only £10

Enterprising eBay sellers are already offering specimens of the George Best commerative £5 note for only £10, including postage and packing.

Now that's Capitalism!
Pic shows George's father, Dickie Best, at the recent press conference held by Ulster Bank.

Edit: The five-pound George Best notes will be available from mid-November coinciding with the first anniversary of his death. Application forms will be available from Ulster Bank branches in Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland or on-line at or from 13 November. The commemorative notes will then be available to purchase at any Ulster Bank branch in Northern Ireland from the 27 November.. More information at the Ulster Bank website at this link.


Anonymous said...

People should be BANNED from selling such things on eBay. This kind of action is vile!!!!
If I cannot get 1 direct from the Ulster Bank, as a normal human being, then the Technothiefs and Technoconmen will rule the world.

Willie_W said...

What got my attention was that people started selling the fivers before they were even released into circulation! The pictures of the item on eBay were poor quality scans of advertisement materials and not of the real thing. I wonder how many "genuine" speculators are out there and how many ready to rip off the gullible.

The Technotealeaves might rule the world, but the meek shall inherit it, we're told.

Willie_W said...

By the way the price is now €24.00 apiece + €2.00 p&p on eBay. That's 24 hours after they became officially available.

Ray said...

Unfortunately that's just capitalism for you.

Willie_W said...

Now about £30.00 (€44.30) on eBay.