Friday, October 20, 2006

Irish Battles - GA Hayes-McCoy

Just finished this book which I picked up in the shop of the Museum back in August. A refreshing kind of approach to history, focussing only on the battles and not generally unbalanced towards the glorious past as some other books on the subject are.
One thing I found in it is that many of the generals and leaders of the major engagements covered in the book were either as bad or as unlucky as I tend to be when wargaming. The account given of the Battle of the Boyne being a case in point. Should Jimmy have moved the troops off the dodgy flank and risked being overrun in order to have a better chance of winning the battle?
Good to dip into. Tell the people around you to prepare for unexpected groans.


Anonymous said...

I have just finished a book called Dreams of Hope. A memoir of a Dublin woman from the tenements. She married, eventually went to Luton, then Austrlia. Not a morbid or sorrowful read at all. I believe it is her second published book. I loved it. Her name is Lily O'Connor. Joan

Robert said...

Huh.. Would you look at that - my grandfather wrote that book.

Willie_W said...

And a good job he made of it too. I must pick it up again when I get through Robert Fisk's concrete block about the Middle East. I'm enjoying that too. (Robert Fisk: "The Great War for Civilization: The Conquest of the Middle East."