Friday, October 20, 2006

Good smell of rot in the air

Autumn definitely here over the past few days, with slightly rotted leaves everywhere and the smell that accompanies this damper season. Its still tremendously mild, though. Because of the time of year, we have our heating system ticking over at minimum. But because of the unseasonably warmer evenings have to open windows a little at night to avoid suffocation...

I've been visiting the blog, Honey Where You Been so Long? for a while now and enjoying continuing the education on music that I started with the DVD collection, The Blues - A Musical Journey. Heard one of the best blues titles there: "If Blues Was Whisky, I Would Stay Drunk All the Time", and lately one entitled "How Can I Miss You Daddy When I've Got Dead Aim?" Blues might seem a gloomy subject to take up for someone already gloomy, but in fact I find the music uplifting and a definite improvement to the mood. I'm reminded of the oft-coined quote "The Blues ain't nothin' but a good man feelin' bad." It isn't an original quote, but it was used in the movie, "Crossroads", which I hope one day to get from Amazon. It will be interesting to listen to the mimed playing of Ralph Macchio emulating his old time blues heroes now I actually know a bit more about them all.

It's a big and wonder filled world.

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